Formentera Walkabout cap.II

Festival Pronostica, 2003

The project proposes the presentation of various elements found on different journeys, or on walks across the island of Formentera, microcosm in which the author's life takes place and develops.


It will be positioned as a mandala or a catalog in the style of natural science museums, every class of natural object somatically significant.

The exposition will be accompanied by a number of brief texts and the free distribution through to depletion of CD-ROMs containing high-resolution source material at the disposition of artists and the creatively minded.

The source material is composed of scanned, 600 dots-per-inch images of the exhibited objects, accompanied by a manifest for the artistic practices in the XXI century to which the present work adheres, an Italian-language article about the nature of "copy left" with numerous Internet references for any wishing to delve further into the subject, an English-language use-license for the present material according to the Copy Left system. A brief reference bibliography compiled by the author.

The object is to promote the development of consciousness regarding the concept of intellectual authorship and the problems and ambiguities that it faces in our era.

Moreover an attempt is made to produce a "viral" effect on the information by way of the stimulation of new projects that are related to the those travels of which I've been the protagonist, wagering on the ability of my "micro visions" on different structures and materials to act as vehicles of new visions and productions.
Thus the experimental aesthetic journey will move progressively further and further away from its point of origin (a stroll across Formentera) by virtue of the work done by other investigators, in a contagio-mutation chain of information.
EXPERIENCE (walk) - OBJECTS (material from the walk) - DATA (CD-ROM) - ELABORATION (artists) - EXPERIENCE (exposition)... and the chain continues.