New Collection "Small Creatures" summer 2015

“Is a series of small sculptures in bronze and silver, are imaginary animals, fragments of microscopic life molded in polyurethane foam.

Unique pieces of lost wax casting very textural, rough and with a surface full of detail. The modeling of the foam is relatively quick and allows rapid testing of the forms. They seem made of lava stone, as if they were telluric objects arising from inconscient. Full of power and possibility.

Offered to the female deity, are sacred forms of fertility and a hymn to life and its infinite variety. A plankton multiforme, a ferment of ideas in the mind, a fecund cloud of pollen, the seeds of an enchanted forest. Originate from a warm, dark place, germinate in an explosion of forms and life.
They are characterized as jewels rough and raw, "crude", "live", "real", not to be accommodating with the human body. Wear it is feel them, remember them, to be constantly aware of their presence. There are rings and necklaces and even small tabletop sculptures, to keep you company beside the keyboard on your desk or on the nightstand beside the bed.

The use of oxide patina adds color to the surfaces of the bronzes in tones ranging from ocher to emerald. As rocks and water of Formentera.

They're called little creatures, because have appeared spontaneously, shyly. like a small thing that can move us. Are small creatures, intimate, speaking about unobserved and unnoticed things. They do not claim to say great or important things, they exist, vibrate around and live. That's all.
And are "creatures," or created, in this case from the imagination. Are also have been inspired by living things and belong to the world of organic forms. Is the result of a survey of natural forms chased for years that slowly, almost spontaneously, is turning into a language.

The collection consists of unique pieces irripetibles, to know price and availability contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.